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Why Many American Small Groups (and Churches) Fail to Reproduce (Commitment and Small Groups Series #11)

Why don’t very many small groups in America reproduce themselves? I’ll mention three main reasons, and discuss the third in a bit more detail today. One reason I’ve mentioned often is that many groups simply are not healthy. Healthy things grow, produce fruit, and multiply. Unhealthy things don’t. In my ministry, I’ve prodded, rewarded, celebrated, shamed, urged, and manipulated, but none …

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What Are Your 2012 Small Group Resolutions?

Many of us are thinking about resolutions right now. 2012 is going to be different, we say. We’re going to lose that weight, get into shape, read some books, go somewhere, work on our marriage, become a better parent, … The 4th Vital Sign of a Healthy Small Group is that it is proactive with Goals and Plans. The healthiest …

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