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10 Can’t-Miss Principles for Finding the WRONG Leaders

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Through my assessment of small groups as well as my experience leading groups and coaching other leaders, I’ve observed a direct correlation between leaders who hog leadership and groups that do not grow or multiply. Leaders who lead healthy, growing groups share leadership with two to three others … but not just any two or three others. I’ve seen leaders …

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Leader's Heart-Overflow

The Brazil Cell-Church Conference: What I Learned … #5 – Go with the Flow


One of my favorite topics to speak on is the principle of overflow. In my training, I use a pitcher to represent God and everything that he wants to pour into us and a glass to represent our lives. I use this illustration to show that God does not simply fill our lives to the full (John 10:10), he fills …

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Leader's Heart-Overflow

The Counter-Intuitive Cure for Leader Stress and Burnout


I am finishing up preparation for my trip to Brazil next week, speaking a total of 10 times at a Cell-Church Conference there. Because I’ll be away from home for about 12 days, I am also working on four writing assignments that are due by the end of the month but must be done this week. Yes, I feel the …

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